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Ironbird edit Designed by Joey Rico in 1983, the Ironbird gained some popularity amongst heavy metal guitarists, including Trey Azagthoth of Morbid Angel. In the year 2000, they changed to

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sides caused a war over Schleswig Holstein that was however abandoned with no clear winner when the political situation in Prussia changed. 6 Results of the 1920 plebiscites in North and Central Schleswig (Slesvig) Electorate German name Danish name For Germany For Denmark percent votes percent votes Zone I (Northern Schleswig 10 February 1920.1 25,329.9 75,431 District of Hadersleben Haderslev.0 6,585.0 34,653 Town. High German was introduced in the 16th century, mainly for official purposes, but is today the predominant language. 1 2 Schultz,. Retrieved Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland - Kirchemitgliederzahlen Stand EKD, April 2018 Nygaard, Jørgen. There is a reason for this: The drag of the tides can drown the most prolific swimmer. The Baltic Sea coast in the east of Schleswig-Holstein is marked by bays, fjords, and cliff lines.

Mittelniederdeutsch und heutiges Plattdeutsch im ehemaligen Dänischen Herzogtum Schleswig. The state of Schleswig-Holstein further consists of Holstein, as well as Lauenburg and the formerly independent city of Lübeck.

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Hildebrand Röhr Steinmetz,. Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships,. . In zone II covering central Schleswig the results were reversed; 80 voted for Germany and just 20 for Denmark. Symbols edit The coat of arms shows the symbols of the two duchies united in Schleswig-Holstein,.e., the two lions for Schleswig and the leaf of a nettle for Holstein. The transmission of the duchy of Holstein to the head of the (German-oriented) branch of the Danish royal family, the House of Augustenborg, was more controversial. Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park a unesco World Heritage site along the region's coast and including the North Frisian Islands.437511. Nonalcoholic beverages include tea (especially in Frisian areas) water and soft drinks. Geography edit See also: List of places in Schleswig-Holstein Geography Schleswig-Holstein lies on the base of Jutland Peninsula between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Schleswig-Holstein's islands, beaches, and cities are popular tourist attractions (here: Isle sex sucht in Stavenhagen, Reuterstadt of Sylt ). The longest river besides the Elbe is the Eider ; the most important waterway is the Kiel Canal which connects the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

In 2016, members of the Evangelical Church in Germany make.5 of the population, while members of the Catholic Church comprise.9. The Nationalpark Schleswig Holsteinisches Wattenmeer has been designated a unesco world heritage site and draws a lot of visitors for its unique nature.