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Years War: A Documentary History, Tryntje Helfferich,., Cambridge: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc., 2009. The citizens refused to acknowledge Emperor Charles's Augsburg Interim and were besieged by Imperial troops under Maurice, Elector of Saxony in 1550/51. Otto von Guericke, an inhabitant of Magdeburg, claimed that when civilians ran out of things to give the soldiers, "the misery really began. The History of the Thirty Years' War. For those who prefer a slightly more sedate pace, there's plenty of culture on offer in Magdeburg, and not just in the museums. 650,- D-39291 Möckern.09.18 verkaufe komplettes Terrarium Terrarium, Terrariumzubehör, Futter. 50,- D-39288 Burg.09.18. Wilson, From Reich to Revolution: German History, (New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2004 129. Bremen and Magdeburg were the biggest examples of territories to be restituted.

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It is one of the most spectacular architectural monuments in central Germany, the city's most famous landmark and Germany's first Gothic cathedral, and it boasts a wealth of artistic sculptures and carvings. "The Battle of Breitenfeld (17 September 1631 in Tryntje Helfferich,., The Thirty Years War: A Documentary History, 113. Oxford: Osprey Publishing Ltd., 1991. Alliance with the Swedish king edit The city's councillors had been emboldened by King Gustavus Adolphus 's landing in Pomerania on sex treffen kontakt berlin : 2 the Swedish king was a Lutheran Christian and many of Magdeburg's residents were convinced that he would aid them in their struggle. Magdeburg, then one of the largest cities in Germany, having well over 30,000 inhabitants in 1630, did not recover its importance until well in the 19th century. From their viewpoint, the Catholic League army under Tilly were enforcing Imperial law against heretic rebels allying with the enemy, during their 1631 siege of Magdeburg. Edict of Restitution edit Main article: Edict of Restitution In March 1629, emperor Ferdinand II passed the Edict of Restitution. 8 Aftermath edit Magdeburg was further weakened by the loss of its wealth and several epidemics as a consequence of the massive destruction. 52 (Autumn 2001. The original is on display in all its glory in the Cultural History Museum, its home since 1967. It was specifically aimed at restoring the situation of the 1555 Peace of Augsburg in ecclesiastical territories that had strayed from "legal" Catholic faith and rule. Since about 1600, he styled himself Administrator of Magdeburg, as did other Protestant German notables assigned to govern principalities that were de jure property of the Catholic church.

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